iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

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iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

We can fix your iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus now !!

Why Us

  1. We use original screens which mean that our new screens are the original screens made by Apple
  2. 1H 30 Min service. Want your iPhone repaired in record time? All you need to do is drop it off with us and we take care of the rest. If you book ahead we can even do it faster! *repair time depends on availability and can only be redeemed in the Rosedale store
  3. 90-day warranty. In the rare case of any issues that may arise from the repair, we offer a hassle free 90-day warranty on the replacement parts and the labour


Q: iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6 – Display

A: The iPhone 7 continues to use the same IPS LCD screen technology as the iPhone 6, rather than OLED as in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 range. It’s also the same 4.7-inch size and 1334 x 750 resolution as its ancestor. But don’t let that fool you – the iPhone 7 display is noticeably better.

Like the iPad Pro, the iPhone 7 display supports the DCI-P3 colour gamut, which basically means it can display a greater number of colours. No one ever complained about richer, more realistic colours.

It’s 25% brighter with end-to-end colour management for more accurate colour reproduction. It’s also less reflective, so it’s better all-around for outdoor viewing.

Apple’s improvements mean that the iPhone 7 renders things like skin tones much better than the iPhone 6, which makes it better for viewing Netflix videos on the go. It’s the best example of an IPS LCD we’ve seen.

In the iPhone 6’s favour, it has a slightly cooler tone to it that manifests itself in whites, which we prefer to the slightly pinkish tone of the iPhone 7. But that’s purely a matter of preference, and most people won’t even notice.


  1. jack says:

    oh very cool !
    Educational aswell

  2. Olivia Goldsworthy says:

    How much is it to get a iPhone 7 phone screen replaced

    • gong says:

      Hi there, it will be $145 and usually takes about 1 hour with booking. Thank you for choosing FIX4U!~

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